Česká flebologická společnost

České lékařské společnosti JEP

Czech Society of Phlebology,

a member of the Czech Medical Association JEP

About CSP

Czech Society of Phlebology (CSP) is a multidisciplinary association of professionals specializing in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of venous disease.

Through regular conferences (Annual Phlebological Days) as well as other educational and training events provides professional discussion among its members on current industry issues and a platform of continuing education of its members. It works closely with its sister companies, mainly Czech Society of Angiology, Czech Lymphological Society and the Czech Society of Dermatology. Through its representatives actively express their professional opinions on the categorization of drugs (group C) and medical devices (group 01, 04 and 06). Actively supports and participates in research activities in the field of Phlebology. It cooperates with the basic disciplines in the creation of standards for the treatment of venous disease and participates in the creation and editing Tariff performances with point values​​. The request shall appoint experts for expert and expert activities in the Czech Medical Chamber, the Ministry of Health and other government and non-government institutions. Guarantees and their representatives on the editorial board supports the issuance of a professional level of the professional journal of Phlebology, lymphology a general angiology - Practical Phlebology.

CSP is an active member of the International Union of Phlebology (UIP) - sends a representative to meetings of the UIP Council of this international organization, presents the work of its members abroad and helps the fastest possible application of the results of basic and clinical research in Phlebology in the widest daily practice and not just doctors - specialists, but last but not least, the doctors first line.

2 of CSP leader – prof. Horakova and Prof. Strejcek were serving as UIP Vice-President in the past.